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  Anonymous    8/16/2013 10:11:52 AM
Dropped by to see the site and looked to snatch something.

  sparkie    8/28/2008 4:22:58 PM
just love dry click

  SECA  (WebSite)  1/17/2007 4:03:47 PM
Just thought I would drop by and see if I coud install something else

  Anonymous    6/1/2004 9:24:44 AM
Hi, I love DryJava, I use it all the time. but, when I paste stuff in from word it changes the font, I found if I hit the black C button it clears up, but can you fix it. thanks

  SchNAK  (WebSite)  4/17/2004 8:30:40 PM
got hungry again sorry

  SchNAK  (WebSite)  4/17/2004 8:26:38 PM
Just dropped by for a little SCHNAK

  seca    3/10/2004 1:41:56 PM
I just installed a new OS on a new system,and I had to stop by again to re-install all of my favorites;DRY Vault, DRY Wages, DRY IP (just cus) and DRY JAVA.... AWESOME PRODUCTS William Billy Bob Gate

  Glennbob    10/22/2003 3:07:25 PM
DryVault is the best password encryption program I've seen. I tried to break it, I couldn't. I usually don't pay for shareware, but this was worth it.

  Anonymous    10/17/2003 6:46:00 PM
I just paid for Dry wages awesome percentage function!

  Anonymous    8/25/2003 6:58:16 PM
Hey dude, this is the first time i have seen this site. This site rocks. Good Job Dude!! L8R--J

  sparkie    8/8/2003 10:18:48 PM
I have downloaded all of your products and love them. I have made donations. Keep programming!

  James Spawn    8/7/2003 10:27:05 PM
This looks great

  Anonymous    7/25/2003 7:48:30 PM
looking good

  John Dry  (WebSite)  7/25/2003 4:30:00 PM
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